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15 Words That Should Never Be Allowed In Scrabble But Are

I never think my Nan would ever play "bezzy" on a triple word

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When I was younger, I used to play Scrabble with my Nan after Countdown with a cup of tea (I couldn't sound even more British if I tried) and I remember the crazy Scrabble bosses saying proper nouns could be used. Now, Scrabble have tried again to appeal to us with slang words. If the world Scrabble championships didn't accept the proper nouns rule, I definitely know they won't accept these new words

1. Hactivist

I'm sorry, I am still not comfortable with the word webinar. Mash up words make me feel dirty and this one isn't an exception.

A hactivist is a person who expresses their activist message through hacking accounts and websites.

2. Dench

Come on! Even when the creator of the word, Lethal Bizzle, says "Dench means anything you want"; how can it be accepted in Scrabble? A word needs a definition!

3. Obvs

Now this is ridiculous. The Scrabble rules say that abbreviations of words are not allowed, so how can obvs be used!

4. Lolz

Another contradiction of the rules! Acronyms can't be used either! LOL stands for laugh out loud. But I'm guessing if you put a score 10 letter after, it makes it fine.

5. Twerking

Just no! I can just picture me playing this word and then trying to explain/show what twerking is to my nan?!?!

6. Sexting

Another word mash up that needs to die a hard death. I really don't want to explain this one to my nan after

7. Yeesh

Onomatopoeic words have no place here. This word is my spelling of yes when I was in primary school. Does not count in my book

8. Lotsa

Now I feel like my cousin from Essex is writing the new Scrabble dictionary. It is "lots of"

9. Tweep

Scrabble dictionary writers are just having a laugh now. Tweep - someone who tweets? I thought that was a tweeter? Am I right? Or am I loosing my mind?

10. Cakehole

This is worse than a mash up word as now they are not even trying to remove letters. If this was hyphenated, then I may have accepted it but cake and hole are two separate words.

11. Thanx

The word is thanks! How many times I have argued with friends that thank you are two separate words over a game of Scrabble are countless. Don't add this pathetic word into that argument too.

12. Wuz

The spelling is was. W-A-S! No Z! No U even! Damn me being angry over something so British!

13. Shootie

Definition :- A shoe that covers the ankle. I'm sorry people who make up words, that definition is taken by a basketball shoe/ Converse!

14. Podiumed

You cannot add "ed" to any word and make it a new word! Def Con Level is 1!

15. Tuneage

That is it. I am done with this abomination of the English language. I'm going to play Boggle instead!

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