Why Napping Makes Everybody’s Day Better

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” —Carrie P. Snow, Comedian

1. Some days are tougher than others.

2. Maybe you had a hard day at work.

3. Or perhaps you’re quite the night owl.

4. You spent too much time Facebook stalking last night.

5. Or maybe you pulled an all-nighter studying.

6. Regardless, you’re having trouble staying awake today.

7. And all you want is a quick nap.

8. A “catnap” if you will.

9. A little shuteye to recharge your batteries.

10. After all there’s nothing like a good nap to get you back on track.

11. But napping is so much more than an energy booster.

12. It’s spiritual.

14. And oftentimes it’s necessary.

15. Sometimes you just need a little love.

16. Some reassurance everything is going to be alright.

17. The comfort of a friend.

20. Because sometimes life can get lonely.

21. Or a little overwhelming.

22. But when things get rough,

23. Just remember there’s someone out there who loves you.

24. A friend who will stick by your side.

25. Through thick or thin.

27. And bad.

28. And in the end always remember,

29. There’s nothing a good nap can’t cure.

30. So go on, treat yourself to a little “R & R”. You deserve it!

31. Happy napping!

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