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    Why Beluga Whales Should Be Your New Favorite Mammal

    Beluga whales, the corgis of the ocean.

    Beluga whales are quite possibly the ocean's most adorable mammal.

    They belong to the same family as narwhals, which is pretty rad.

    And like to travel in big groups.

    Which means they're super friendly.

    Seriously look how happy they are!

    They're very creative...


    ...and love music.

    View this video on YouTube

    They love to celebrate.

    And aren't afraid of being silly.

    Did we mention how adorable they are?

    Brenna Hernandez / Via

    Instagram, anyone?

    They LOVE kids.

    Hi! What's your name?

    Nom nom...

    Where are your fins?

    They make no judgements, a friend is a friend.

    And most importantly, they are excellent photo bombers.

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