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This Is What It's Like To Surf The Freezing Waters Of Iceland

BuzzFeed's exclusive look at acclaimed adventure photographer Chris Burkard's chilly trip to Iceland.

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And this is Chris Burkard: adventurer, photographer, and serious surfer. Every year he surfs waters others don't dare to touch. Chris recently shared with BuzzFeed an exclusive look at his latest adventure: surfing Iceland.

Image courtesy of Chris Burkard Photography

Below are 12 previously unpublished photos from his upcoming gallery collection.

However there are parts of Iceland that remain almost primeval in their landscape. There are very few places in the world where you can find ice on the shores of a beach.

Aside from the elements, surfing Iceland presents a unique set of challenges as Chris typically has only a few precious hours of daylight to work with.

Image courtesy of Chris Burkard Photography

The sun is only up for four to five hours a day in some parts of Iceland during the winter.

However the payoff is typically worth it. Jokulsarlon Beach is located right off of Iceland's Ring Road, which circles the entirety of the island country.

The picturesque glacier lagoon at Jokulsarlon has made several Hollywood cameos, including the snowy training sequence in Batman Begins.

"Any experience that tests your limits always makes you feel alive. Getting pushed to the brink of what I feel is possible with my work makes me feel larger than life while at the same time humbling me... [and that's when you realize] it's all worth it."

Take a sneak peek into Chris' journey surfing in Iceland.

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