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    This Guy Travels From City To City And Asks People What The Last Photo On Their Phone Was

    We humans are an interesting bunch.

    Ivan Cash is an interactive artist & filmmaker living in San Francisco. His ongoing photo series "Last Photo" asks strangers to reveal the last photo on their phone and a bit about the backstory.

    The project brings a wide array of responses from the lighthearted:

    To the truly touching:

    Either way they're usually interesting:

    "This has honestly been such a fulfilling project. Even more so than I expected," Cash told BuzzFeed.

    It's a lot of work, going around and talking to strangers (and oftentimes getting rejected,) but the interactions that go well, those are so damn magical. I love thinking about the possibilities that exist all the time for connection with the strangers around us. The very same strangers that we (myself included) often ignore because we're engulfed in our phone.I like asking people to see their last photo because it exploits this tension and brings some much-needed awareness to how wrapped up we are with our technology and the digital world, but behind it all, we're all just people. People that duct tape gingerbread houses or take photos of our cat's shit, or take selfies at the spa. And I hope that by shining a spotlight on the ordinary, people will realize the inherent specialness inside each moment.

    Thus far cash has filmed in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

    He hopes to continue the project around the United States, and potentially around the world.

    For more on "Last Photo," check out Ivan's website.