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There Is A Dragon's Lair In The Middle Of Krakow

And they have the bones to prove it.

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The dragon* lived in a limestone cave hidden beneath the slopes of Wawel Hill, where the King's castle rested.

*Note the dragon pictured above is a Hungarian Horntail, not Smok. Unfortunately the GIF technology in 14th century Poland was not what it is today.


Believe it or not, according to legend the dude who ended up slaying Smok was just a simple shoemaker named Dratewka, who stuffed a dead ram with sulfur and put it at the mouth of the Smok's lair.

Smok ate the sulfur-stuffed ram which made him very thirsty. So he drank from the Vistula River* to quench his thirst, and then proceeded to explode because he drank so much water (obviously.)


Even now the story of Smok lives on. In 1970 a metal sculpture of the Wawel Dragon, designed by Bronisław Chromy was placed in front of the dragon's den.


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