The Definition Of Femininity In 1965 According To "Teen" Magazine

    Oh, how things have changed.

    Teen magazine asks the most popular actresses of 1965, "What is femininity?" Scroll down to see their answers below.

    Jane Fonda: "Femininity is knowing how to listen — men love it!"

    Mia Farrow: "I go bareback riding every day in Malibu, because I think a girl's health is her most important asset to femininity."

    Hayley Mills: "The most feminine thing about me is that I'm not a boy."

    Sandra Dee: "You must be meticulous in your clothing, makeup, skin — to be clean, fresh, and nice all the time."

    Donna Loren: "Your hair and eye makeup are your most feminine assets... If these two things are right for you, then you are feminine."

    Beverly Washburn: "To be feminine, a girl's dress must be tight enough to show she's a woman, yet loose enough to show she's a lady."

    Connie Stevens: "You work at being a good homemaker, making it fun and romantic."

    Diane Baker: "Enjoy being a girl! It's not any direct way of dressing or putting on makeup. It's your attitude. Act feminine and you are."