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The 25 Most Reblogged Places Of 2013

According to Tumblr's 2013 Year in Review.

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What's in the tag: The #korea Tumblr tag is filled with an interesting mix of social justice issues, sparkling KPOP GIFs, and, of course, Psy himself. Though South Korea is a relatively small nation geographically speaking, its 50 million citizens are proving themselves to be quite the cultural force in Asia, and even in the United States.

What's in the tag: On April 15, 2013, two pressure-cooker bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. In the aftermath, internet users took to every corner of the web to express their condolences and solidarity with the people of Boston and their family members. The #boston tag is also full of many sports teams, of which Bostonians are particularly known to be proud.


What's in the tag: Bright lights, manga, and sweet outfits. Tokyo is an endless source of cultural inspiration for many different segments of the internet population. Whether you're into manga, anime, video games, or outrageous street style, Tokyo appears to reign as the epicenter of niche pop culture.

What's in the tag: Spain's Tumblr tag is flooded with everything from sexy football (soccer) players to incredible examples of modern architecture. Spend more than a minute browsing through the tag, and it's readily apparent why Spain remains one of the most reblogged places of 2013.


What's in the tag: In a completely unscientific observation, it seems that Texans experience a disproportionate amount of state pride in comparison to other states' populations. Unlike other places on the "Most Reblogged Places" list, the #texas tag appears to be filled by people from Texas who love Texas rather than those who want to visit Texas.

What's in the tag: Unsurprisingly, Brazil's tag is predominately filled with many a football (soccer) fan. With the World Cup coming to Rio in 2014 and the Olympics following in 2016, we are guessing the #brazil tag will only continue to climb to the top of Tumblr's lists.

What's in the tag: Putin memes, outrage over LGBT discrimination for the upcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics, and a strange hodgepodge of ballerinas and models make up the hot mess that is the #russia tag on Tumblr.


What's in the tag: With all of this talk of the Chicago Bulls on Tumblr, it feels like the '90s again (our favorite decade, as you all know). Basically Derrick Rose keeps getting injured but always seems to bounce right back; Divergent, the new YA dystopian novel set in Chicago (aka the new Hunger Games), comes to theaters next year; and there's always that famous Chicago architecture to fill a tag.

What's in the tag: Florida remains an internet darling due to the never-ending stream of offbeat stories that seem to happen only in the Sunshine State. The tag is full of funny news items, Disney World lovers, and, of course, beautiful beaches.


What's in the tag: As imagined, the #hawaii tag is full of beautiful pictures of this tropical series of islands. It appears when people are tired of their desk jobs, they wander away to Hawaii by reblogging pictures of volcanoes, palm trees, and sea turtles.

What's in the tag: Los Angeles' tag looks like the Urban Outfitters Pinterest board threw up on it. It's filled with hipster types, crop tops, and a barrage of Earlybird-filtered Instagram photos.

What's in the tag: Unfortunately the #italy tag is severely lacking in The Lizzie McGuire Movie GIFs, but hey, you win some, you lose some. Italy remains a top bucket-list destination for everyone and their mom. Warning: If you are currently experiencing a particularly bad case of wanderlust, this tag will surely be listed as the cause of death on your autopsy report.

What's in the tag: We know, we know, Europe is a continent, not a country, state, or city. But nevertheless, it seems people want to go to there, as Liz Lemon would say. It's filled with castles, lakes, and mountains. The #europe tag is everything you look for in a Tumblr tag: magical, whimsical, and beautiful.

What's in the tag: I swear I'm not trying to stereotype anyone here, but the #france tag is disproportionately full of naked people (just saying). Other than that, everything you would expect is there: pictures of bread, wine, insanely classy women, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower from every angle.

What's in the tag: Minneapolis looks like an awesome metropolis, but to be quite frank, I have absolutely no idea why it is so high up on this list. Most of the top posts are also tagged with #mallofamerica and have something to do with the Catching Fire cast coming to visit. So the moral of the story is...people LOVE The Hunger Games?

What's in the tag: Hardcore Disney fans are famous for their very, very extensive online (and offline) communities. The #disneyland tag is just an extension of their passion. The tag is filled with pictures of GIFs of children frolicking, fireworks, and delicious Disney treats. Also, all Disney fans seem to have great cameras, as most of these pictures are extremely HQ. Basically, it's about as magical as you can get.

What's in the tag: The #australia tag is filled with outdoor sports (like windsurfing and mountain climbing), cute animals (koalas and kangaroos), scary animals (think poisonous stuff), and this one random selfie of the Biebs looking angsty on what I'm going to assume is an Australian beach.

What's in the tag: Paris in the morning, Paris in the afternoon, Paris at night, Midnight in Paris. See what I did there? Essentially, any kind of lighting in which you would like to experience Paris is in this tag. Also, a lot of very attractive, trendy-looking young people. Americans will NEVER be this naturally trendy.

What's in the tag: Buildings, skylines, black-and-white pictures where only the yellow cab is in color, and lots of people wearing black. The tag is as great as New York actually is, just minus the smell.

What's in the tag: Though California has many unique terrains, this tag is mostly filled with beaches and shots of the Golden Gate Bridge covered in fog. People seem to equate California with the summer, so this tag is also filled with people who wish they lived somewhere warmer.

What's in the tag: Beautiful foliage, great street style, and the best-looking sushi you'll ever lay your eyes on. Japan's tag simply confirms our suspicions that Japan is, in fact, the best.


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