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34 Signs You Grew Up Filipino

This post is mainly about food. But then again, isn't that the best part of being Pinoy?

1. This was a perfectly normal breakfast.

Spam, good. Eggs, good. Rice, obviously good.

2. But this was your actual favorite breakfast.


3. And when all else failed there was always this.

Sweet bread for breakfast? Yes, please...

4. You have no idea how to make rice on the stove, only in a flowery rice cooker.

5. This was your "ketchup."

The spicy kind was the best.

6. You had a hundred pairs of "tsinelas" spread around your house.

Because you immediately took off your shoes when you entered the house.

7. The only name you were ever called by was:

Like, you're not even sure your parents know your real name.

8. Their names are lolo and lola, not grandpa and grandma.

9. You know you had to "mano" every adult in the house before you were allowed to go play.

10. Which was no easy task because you had approximately 15 "titas" and "titos" growing up.

And half of them weren't actually related to you.

11. Every year you sent a giant cardboard box to your relatives in the Philippines.

The contents of which were 99% Spam.

12. You immediately turn your head when you hear these phrases.

13. This is how your mom points.

Hand me the "ano."

14. Your Thanksgiving includes a few unconventional items.

Note the lumpia, rice, kare kare, pancit, etc...

15. Nothing makes your mouth water faster than the sight of pan de sal.

16. Your family does most of its grocery shopping here.

Or the local "Asian food store."

17. And this was your bakery.

18. You could really go for an ice-cold halo halo right now.

19. All of your relatives came over every time this guy was fighting.

AFP/Jewel Samad

Manny Pacquiao. Represent.

20. Your family car definitely has one of these hanging somewhere.

21. You call this an "air-con" not an A/C.

22. You were constantly being asked if you had finished your Kumon.

23. You played at least one musical instrument growing up.

And you had to learn the Suzuki method.

24. Your parents were always particularly creative when it came to saving money.

HappySlip / Via

25. Adobo is your love language.

26. You know your mom didn't know what to cook when you saw this was what you were eating for dinner.

27. You never threw away your plastic silverware.

Because you know, "sayang"...

28. But let's be honest, half the time you didn't actually eat with silverware.

29. This looks very familiar.

Aunties getting craaaazy!

30. Every family gathering ends with a rousing round of karaoke.

31. You were always looking for ways to rep the Filipino flag.

32. You love joking about being a FOB, but the second anyone else calls you one, you're like:

DA HELL? Not cool.

33. Taglish was your native tongue.

34. Watching this is like watching your life.

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