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    Why You'll Never Really Get Over Ross And Rachel

    "She's his lobster."

    Because right from the start we knew they were meant to be together.

    Even if they didn't quite see it.

    There was something so sincere about the way Ross loved Rachel.

    Like deep down in his nerdy Ross soul.

    And sure, it took Rachel a bit longer to see that Ross was the one...

    ...But how good was that kiss?

    The best thing about Ross and Rachel is that they got each other.

    And despite the fact that Ross was kind of a dork.

    And Rachel was a bit of a princess.

    The two of them being together made so much sense.

    I mean things weren't always perfect.

    Let's be real honest here....

    It was touch-and-go for a while.

    Fine, it was pretty much touch-and-go for 10 whole seasons.

    Because of that one time "they were on a break."

    And Ross broke Rachel's heart.

    (And ours!)

    And that time he accidentally said the wrong name.

    Sorry 'bout it, Emily.

    And all those other times...

    But in spite of all that, they always seemed to come back to each other.

    Because even when they were "just friends"...

    ...They were always having fun.

    Perhaps a little too much fun.

    But in the end, the reason we'll never get over Ross and Rachel is because of love.

    They LOVED each other.

    And to be honest, we were all probably just a little jealous.

    Because she was his lobster.

    And he was her lobster.

    We all knew what they didn't right from the start.

    That even though Ross was afraid she wasn't going to get off the plane...

    ... She got off the plane.

    THE END.