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    Game Of Thrones Travel Is Now A Real-Ish Thing

    One way trip from Winterfell (WFL) to King's Landing (KLA), please.

    Thanks to Kayak, you can now fulfill all of your GoT dreams and finally book that vacation to Winterfell you've been dying to go on.

    If you're traveling from Essos to Westeros, you'll have to go by ship.

    Just steer clear of Blackwater Bay.

    Don't worry, if you get sea sick you can just bop around Westeros via carriage.

    No one said it would be a nice carriage.

    The ten cities you can travel between are:

    · Kings Landing, Westeros (KLA)

    · Oldtown, Westeros (OLT)

    · Lannisport, Westeros (LPR)

    · Gulltown, Westeros (GUN)

    · White Harbor, Westeros (WHI)

    · Winterfell, Westeros (WFL)

    · Pyke, Iron Islands, Westeros (PYK)

    · Tyrosh, Essos (YRH)

    · Pentos, Essos (PEO)

    · Braavos, Essos (BRV)

    Too bad there aren't any options to Meereen (MRN). Dragon Air anyone?

    Try it for yourself on