Katy Perry’s New Single "Roar" Has Leaked

Down with the cotton candy dresses and off with the blue wigs, there’s a new Katy Perry.

1. Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” leaked online two days ahead of its previously scheduled August 12 release— much to the delight of the entire internet.

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3. A week ago Perry began teasing her audience in anticipation of her new single by releasing a short video featuring the dramatic burning of her famous bright blue wig.

4. The initial teaser was followed by a clip of a fake funeral, complete with crying fans dressed in typical “Teenage Dream” garb….

5. … and a sassy kitty, who seemed to be hiding a very big secret.

6. The latest video features Perry walking into a recording studio dressed in a supremely sick silk embroidered jacket about to drop her latest single to a waiting world.

7. Lucky for us, it dropped two days early. Capitol Records, Perry’s record label, has since authorized radio stations to begin playing “Roar.”

Image courtesy EMI/Capitol Records

8. Our advice? Prepare yourselves for the inevitable onslaught that is a Katy Perry single.

Image courtesy EMI/Capitol Records

9. Because we’re guessing this song isn’t going anywhere soon.

10. Katy’s new album, “Prism”, officially drops October 22, 2013.

Image courtesy EMI/Capitol Records

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