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Jennifer Lopez Is Definitely Aging In Reverse So We Should All Be Psyched To Get Old

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1998 — I mean 1998 was such a good year in the J.Lo anti-aging campaign that George Clooney started to pay attention.


2000 — And then there was 2000, the year of Y2K, Gladiator, and the dress that literally stopped time. YES, TIME LITERALLY STOPPED for J.Lo's dress.

2001 — Big fucking year for Jennifer Lopez, folks. First, the best rom-com ever, The Wedding Planner, comes out.


2004 — DISASTER: Our beloved Bennifer separates. Jennifer gives no fucks, like a hot phoenix from the hot ashes she emerges even hotter than before.

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Age: 35

"My bangs hide my sadness," she whispers quietly to herself as smiles for the photographers.


Also: J.Lo returns to TRL, this time with Lizzie McGuire in tow. Why TRL continues to be a thing in 2007 is anyone's guess.

2008 — Jenny arrives to an event wearing this while she stares into the souls of everyone in a 10-foot radius. The whole world collectively faints.


2012 — Good-bye, Marc; hello, Casper, hereafter known as the friendly hottie.

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Age: 43

Now that Jennifer has reverse aged to approximately 22, she begins dating fly-ass twentysomethings.

2014 — Jennifer Lopez is crowned hotter than anyone who ever lived. Through her reverse-aging process she has given hope to people everywhere who have not yet reached their peak.


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