Everything You Forgot About The July 2003 Issue Of Vanity Fair

“It’s totally raining teens!”

1. In 2003 Vanity Fair rounded up the “teen royalty” of the day and in case you forgot, IT WAS PRETTY EPIC.

Let’s delve in shall we?

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

2. Oh, what an innocent and lovely picture Evan Rachel Wood, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. NOT.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

3. Though Hilary and LiLo look like total BFFLs, Lizzie McG herself had just been dumped by Aaron Carter for Lindsay Lohan.

Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images


4. Evan Rachel Wood got her big break in 2003’s Thirteen.

© Fox Searchlight / courtesy Everett Collection

5. She now plays Queen Sophie-Anne on True Blood.

Doug Hyun / © HBO / Courtesy: Everett Collection

6. Up next, Mandy Moore.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

7. In 2003, Mandy was dominating the teen scene with tearjerkers like A Walk To Remember.

© Warner Brothers/ Courtesy Everett Collection

8. Let’s all take this moment to collectively remember the massive crush we had on Shane West after AW2R.

© Warner Brothers/ Courtesy Everett Collection


9. And then there was RAVEN SYMONÉ.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

10. Who was of course, so Raven.

The Disney Channel / Via fanpop.com

11. And one must not forget about THE OLSEN TWINS.

Talk about TEEN ROYALTY. Look how cool they are. I mean MK’s bra straps are totally showing on purpose. ON PURPOSE.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

12. Sadly for those of us trying to tell them apart, they’re both blonde again.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

13. And last but certainly not least, there was Alexis Bledel and Amanda Bynes.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

14. Remember Rory Gilmore?

© The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

15. Now she’s marrying Pete from Mad Men.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Rory always got the smart ones…

16. Or Amanda Bynes in What A Girl Wants? That was some great stuff.

© Warner Brothers/ Courtesy Everett Collection

17. Sadly, she has since retired from acting.

But luckily she still lives on our Twitter feeds.

18. 2003, NEVER FORGET.

Mark Seliger / Via vanityfair.com

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