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Everything You Didn't Know About The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Starting with the fact that it's not the world's oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade. That honor would belong to Philadelphia.

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3. Shockingly enough, at the end of each parade the giant helium-filled balloons were released into the air and would float over New York for roughly a week. A $100 prize was given to whoever retrieved the balloon after it deflated.


10. In 1963, the parade was nearly canceled due to the assassination of JFK just one week earlier. Instead, the show continued, giving some much needed happiness to a grieving nation.


15. Snoopy first appeared in 1968. Since then he has been the most featured character in Thanksgiving Day Parade history, proving some things never really change.

16. Beginning in 1996, Macy's began inflating the balloons publicly on the Upper West Side of Manhattan the Wednesday before the Parade.

David Handschuh / NY Daily News Archive / Getty

Handlers and police try to control Pink Panther balloon after it hit a lamppost during Thanksgiving Day Parade in Times Square, 1997.