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    23 Whimsical GIFs That Will Make You Want To Go Somewhere New

    Send me on my way.

    First a little mood music...

    Been feeling like you need to get away lately?

    See the world through a different lens?

    Wishing you could walk down a coast?

    Santa Monica, Calif.

    Explore a new city?

    Or just get lost in a crowd?

    Times Square, New York City

    Maybe you need to take off for a bit.

    Be someplace new.

    Somewhere you've never been before...

    ...but have always wanted to see.

    London Eye, London, England

    Perhaps you need a little peace.

    A little magic.

    Bay Bridge, San Francisco, Calif.

    A little whimsy.

    So, go.





    Just go.

    Surprise yourself.

    Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

    Take a break from normal.

    Breathe in and out.


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