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    America's 10 Most Hospitable Cities

    If you're ready for a weekend away these 10 cities may not be the first to come to mind, but according to Airbnb's recent study, they are the friendliest.

    And now...

    Let's go.

    John Hamm not included (sadly).

    10. Tahoe City, California

    Tahoe is heaven on Earth. Just look at these pictures and you'll be convinced. Best things to do in Tahoe: Spend the day lounging on a boat, skiing down a mountain, and being thankful that there are still places on Earth that look like this.

    9. Tucson, Arizona

    Strangely there is a lot you can do in the middle of the desert: hike, gamble, make pottery. Endless possibilities... and tumbleweeds. Best things to do in Tucson: Go rock-climbing at Mt. Lemmon (Liz not included), be puzzled at the Carnival of Illusion, or take a risk and gamble away all your money at the Desert Diamond Casino.

    8. Nashville, Tennessee

    Come for the music, stay for the hospitality. Nashville is fast becoming a must-see of the South, so make sure you don't miss it. Best things to do in Nashville: Visit the Johnny Cash Museum, eat and be merry at a good old-fashioned honkey tonk, and of course check out the Grand Ole Opry.

    7. Madison, Wisconsin

    A college town to its core, Madison is a great place to go explore some great bars. Best things to do in Madison: See the Thai pagoda in the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, grab a craft beer at The Mason Lounge, or just grab a blanket and watch the sunset by one of Madison's four famous lakes.

    6. Memphis, Tennessee

    Home to Elvis and a whole lot of history, Memphis is a great place to listen to some good music and eat some great barbecue. Best things to do in Memphis: Take a motorcycle tour around town, eat some delicious barbecue at The Bar-B-Q Shop, and of course visit Graceland.

    5. Raleigh, North Carolina

    An unexpected cultural hub of the south, Raleigh is chock-full of museums, monuments, and cultural hotspots. Best things to do in Raleigh: Check out the "Dinosaurs In Motion" exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, look at some crazy tombs at the Historic Oakwood Cemetery, or ride a Segway around historical Raleigh... because why the hell not?!

    4. Bend, Oregon

    A classic mountain town located smack dab in middle of Oregon, Bend is a town known for its craft beers, fresh air, and plethora of outdoor activities. Coolest Things To Do In Bend: Go on a multiday mountain bike tour, fly fish for an afternoon, or just drink a bunch of delicious beer on the Bend Ale Trail.

    3. Eugene, Oregon

    Nature, nature, nature. Head to Eugene and you can hike, bike, and trike to your heart's content. OK, maybe not trike... Best things to do in Eugene: Take a GLASS-BLOWING lesson, hike the Mount Jane Summit Trail, or bike along the Willamette River Trail.

    2. Mendocino, California

    With just over 1,000 permanent residents, you would be hard-pressed to find anything but peace and quiet in this small, coastal town. Best things to do in Medocino: Ride the open-air "Skunk Train" through the Redwood Forest, admire perfectly smooth sea glass at Glass Beach, or take a trek with a couple of llamas into the mountains or down the coast. Yes, you heard me, LLAMAS!

    1. And finally America's most hospitable city: Tampa, Florida

    If you've got a family or are looking for bit of unusual adventure, head to Tampa Bay. Best things to do in Tampa: Hand-feed a giraffe, spend a day reliving Florida's cultural past at Cracker Country, or have some fun riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens.