A Visual Representation Of Just How Outdated “Bug-A-Boo” Is

Has anyone seen my pager?

1. Press play and be transported back to the sweet sounds of 1999.

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2. You make me wanna throw my pager out the window.

Ashley Perez / Via

3. Tell MCI to cut the phone poles.

4. Break my lease so I can move.

Ashley Perez

5. ‘Cause you a bug-a-boo.

Ashley Perez

6. A bug-a-boo.


7. I wanna put your number on the call block.

Ashley Perez

8. Have AOL make my email stop.

Ashley Perez

9. ‘Cause you a bug-a-boo.

Ashley Perez

10. You buggin’ what.

Ashley Perez

11. You buggin’ who.

Ashley Perez

12. You buggin’ me.

Ashley Perez

13. And don’t you see it ain’t cool.

Ashley Perez

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