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    9 Unconventional Ways To Travel The World

    Looking for a bit more adventure than a two-week vacation to Europe? All you need is a passport and a strong case of wanderlust.

    1. Work on an organic farm in exchange for free room and board.

    2. Try your hand at teaching your native tongue by spending a year abroad as a teacher.

    3. Circumnavigate the globe on a ship with 700 other college students.

    4. Contribute to world peace by being an active citizen of the world.

    5. Discover your own path in life while making your way across country.

    6. Get paid to share what you've learned while traveling.

    7. Live with a family, learn the language, and spend some time with adorable children.

    8. Channel your inner nerd powers and use them for good.

    9. Live up the single life and spend every night in a new city.