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    9 Unconventional Ways To Travel The World

    Looking for a bit more adventure than a two-week vacation to Europe? All you need is a passport and a strong case of wanderlust.

    1. Work on an organic farm in exchange for free room and board.

    If you want to see the world but don't have thousands of dollars at your disposal, WWOOFing is an excellent way to get around. In exchange for four to six hours of labor a day, local farmers will give you food to eat and a place to rest your backpack.

    For more on channeling your inner hippie: Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

    2. Try your hand at teaching your native tongue by spending a year abroad as a teacher.

    Perhaps the most time-honored way to travel while earning an income, teaching English abroad is an extremely rewarding way to knock a few countries off your bucket list. Most programs require either a college degree or a TESOL/TEFL certificate — however, there are always exceptions to the rule.

    For more on testing your elementary school grammar skills: Teach Away.

    3. Circumnavigate the globe on a ship with 700 other college students.

    Whether you're currently in college or a "lifetime learner," Semester at Sea remains one of the most unique ways to traverse the globe. Why not knock out two birds with one stone and earn some college credits while sailing the seven seas?

    For more on becoming a pseudo sailor: Semester at Sea.

    4. Contribute to world peace by being an active citizen of the world.

    If you're looking to make big changes in the world, the Peace Corps is certainly a good place to start. With over 210,000 alumni and a presence in over 139 countries, the Peace Corps remains a cornerstone of global democracy. Note: The Peace Corps is not for the light of heart, as it requires a 27-month commitment from its participants.

    For more on getting your humanitarian on: Peace Corps.

    5. Discover your own path in life while making your way across country.

    Founded by three friends who were tired of the routine of chasing the American Dream, Roadtrip Nation is a movement meant to inspire people to live their lives intentionally, and perhaps somewhat unconventionally.

    For more on finding yourself on a cross-country journey: Roadtrip Nation.

    6. Get paid to share what you've learned while traveling.

    If you've already established yourself as an avid traveler but are trying to find a way to make money while you wander, put your experiences to good use and start blogging for pay.

    For more on how to get paid to write and travel: The Matador Network.

    7. Live with a family, learn the language, and spend some time with adorable children.

    If you're good with kids and are looking to see the world, au pairing is a great way to delve into a new culture. Au pairs are typically hired by families looking to give their children firsthand access to native English speakers, and they can work as short as a summer or as long as a year.

    For more on a truly immersive travel experience: InterExchange.

    8. Channel your inner nerd powers and use them for good.

    Flickr: fulbrightbelgium

    Fulbright Scholars range from recently graduated college students teaching English abroad to specialized professionals seeking to work in collaboration with international counterparts. If you're a dedicated academic interested in international matters, there is no question Fulbright is where you should be.

    For more on making a difference while expanding your mind: Fulbright Scholarship.

    9. Live up the single life and spend every night in a new city.

    Paul Kane / Getty

    For those of us with wanderlust built into our DNA, there are few gigs as sweet as being as flight attendant. Though the hours are long, the payoff is definitely worthwhile.

    For more information on becoming a professional jet-setter: "How to Be a Flight Attendant."

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