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31 Signs You're A Traveler At Heart

At heart — and in practice.

1. You never have any money in your bank account, because as soon as you save, you're off on your next trip.

2. Airports are your favorite place to be, because it means you're going somewhere.

3. You have at least one map hanging up in your house somewhere (if not many more).

4. And another one marking all the places you've been to/ want to go next.

5. You've had your travel outfit down pat for a long time.

6. You're "Steve" in this picture, and these other guys are the people who exist to make your life a living hell at airport security.

7. Your backpack is well worn.

8. You're an excellent packer.

9. You know checking a bag is for n00bs.

10. These two hashtags appear far too regularly in your social media profiles.

11. Accumulating airline points has become your singular life mission.

12. Your phone is packed with every travel app you could possibly need.

13. Your proudest moment was unlocking the jetsetter badge on Foursquare.

14. You're no stranger to sleeping in a train station.

15. You've Instagrammed this picture many times before.

16. And this picture.

17. Your passport is your absolute favorite accessory.

18. And you revel in the chance to change your cover.

19. You're a fan of small souvenirs you can keep with you.

20. And have a box filled with currency from around the world.

21. You desperately want a vintage suitcase, despite knowing how impractical they are.

22. You are constantly daydreaming of where you will go next.

23. Your bucket list never seems to get shorter, because there's always something new to add.

24. The journal you kept while traveling is sacred to you.

25. You love being immersed in a sea of different languages.

26. Saving up for your dSLR was the best thing you ever did.

27. You can't remember the last time your phone had just one time zone.

28. WhatsApp is your default form of communication because your friends are all over the world.

29. The real reason you love traveling is because of all the food.

30. You know how to say "where is the bathroom" in pretty much every language.

31. And watching this video actually kills you because you're not out doing the same thing.