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28 Reasons Anna Kendrick Deserves To Have The Best Birthday Ever

Happy 28th birthday to the coolest self-proclaimed awkward girl in the world.

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1. Anna Kendrick is all the things a human being should be. Sassy...

2. Adorable.

3. Hilarious.

4. Fierce.

5. Classy.

6. Cultured.

7. Sexy?

8. And most importantly down to earth.

9. She doesn't take herself too seriously.

10. Like at all...

11. And has been known to make some exceptional facial expressions.

12. She's besties with her costars.


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15. And REAL LIFE BFFLs with Aubrey Plaza.

16. ...and Barack Obama.

NBD, right?

17. She gave the world "The Cup Song," aka that song that won't get out of your damn head.

18. And has a surprising set of random skills, like rapping:

19. ...dancing...

20. ...and starring in KPOP music videos.

21. She is the biggest derp on Instagram:



24. And notoriously unceremonious on Twitter.




27. Essentially, she is absolutely amazing.

28. And certainly deserves to have the best 28th birthday ever.

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