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28 Struggles Of An Instagram Addict

To filter or to #nofilter, that is the question.

1. You immediately check your phone as soon as you wake up to see if anyone uploaded any photos after you went to bed.

2. Picking a filter is the most stressful part of your day.

3. ...besides picking a caption, that is.


4. You have a multitude of apps you have to use before you even open Instagram.

5. You can't remember a time when you didn't know what your friends were eating for every meal.

6. Every cup of coffee is now an "Earlybird" waiting to happen.

7. You are easily annoyed by improper hashtagging.

8. You may have accidentally liked a photo uploaded "56w" ago while stalking someone.


9. Your day is a never-ending stream of scrolling.

10. You may have deleted a photo or two because it didn't get enough likes.

11. You have used the word "insta" as a verb before.


12. You live and die by the numbers in the little orange box.

13. You tend to overreact when you accidentally post a photo before you meant to.


14. This is what you look like when waiting for the first like after you upload a picture.


15. You have tried to "double tap" Facebook posts to like them.

16. This shit makes you want to tear your hair out.

17. Your friends have considered staging an "instavention" on your behalf.

18. You already have your wedding hashtag picked.

Now all you need is someone to marry...

19. You're very concerned with your follower-to-followee ratio.

20. You are constantly checking your phone to see if you got any new likes.

21. You get irrationally angry when someone regrams your photo without crediting you.

22. You have a designated friend who takes pictures of you (and you of them).

23. Your friends and family start to get concerned if you haven't Instagrammed anything in a few days.

Big Machine

24. You are commonly heard saying, "look at this picture."

25. You immediately bought concert tickets when Instagram video came out.

26. Your friends hate going on trips with you because you want to stop every five minutes to take a picture.


27. Your face is in a permanent state of "duckface."

28. This is your response to the haters:

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