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    27 Signs You're Definitely An Aussie

    Can you translate this? "Dazza and Shazza played Acca Dacca on the way to Maccas." Good, read on.

    1. You firmly believe thongs* are entirely appropriate for every occasion.

    2. You "totes" shorten all of your words.

    3. In your mind there is only one way to eat a steak.

    4. This on a burger = heaven.

    While you're at it, add an egg.

    5. You don't care if it's "Australian for beer." Not Fosters. NEVER Fosters.

    6. Passion Pop = gateway drink.

    7. Accurate.


    8. You have definitely dressed up really nice and then been completely off your face, because it's Race Day.

    9. You're not fooled by their cuteness, you know possums are actually little assholes.


    10. You or someone you know has been cane toad hunting.

    11. You answer in the negative. "How are you?"

    12. Christmas Day means two things: seafood and beach cricket.

    13. Meat pies are MOST CERTAINLY a breakfast food.

    14. It kind of goes without saying, but THIS IS THE BEST.

    15. This is your favourite day of the year.

    16. You use the c-word as a term of endearment.

    17. This is your kind of music.

    18. This makes you LOL.

    19. Typical.

    20. You talk about the weather ALL THE TIME.

    21. You know it's not summer until your steering wheel is too hot to handle.

    22. Yeah, seems about right.

    23. This is a perfectly acceptable city name.

    24. You kind of forget WA, NT, and SA exist until you want to go wine tasting.

    25. You still love this guy.

    26. Kylie Minogue? I think you mean that girl from Neighbours.

    27. Finally, you can't listen to this without choking up a little inside.

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    Major h/t to Stephanie Gall for all her help.