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    25 Things You Should Know Before Studying Abroad

    Real-life advice from the BuzzFeed editorial team. Don't panic — this is going to be great.

    1. This pretty much sums up what most people think of Americans:

    2. Don't take it personally; instead take pride in defying expectations.

    3. Learn a few key phrases before you leave.

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    4. You will never actually wear all the stuff you packed.

    5. So get a good backpack and pack light.

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    6. Clearly mark all of your bags with your name and email address (since your phone number will likely be out of service).

    7. Trying to get a decent Skype connection is an actual joke; this app is your new best friend.

    8. Store important names, addresses, and phone numbers in a Google doc so in case you lose all of your crap, you're covered.

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    9. Make sure your credit card doesn't come with any crazy international fees.

    10. Download the free Lemon Wallet app to safely store all your credit card information.

    Don't worry; it's password protected.

    11. Learn the money system ASAP to avoid any confusion.

    12. Get your International Student Identity Card (ISIC) before you leave and save money on transportation, accommodations, and entertainment.

    13. There is nothing worse than losing your passport — leave it in your room when you're going out for the night.

    14. Pretty much every country has better public transportation than America. Take advantage of it.

    15. Spend your weekends traveling — don't miss the opportunity to explore everything your new country has to offer.

    16. If you're lost, ask a local for help, but always keep a simple map on hand so they can point you in the right direction.

    17. Prepare to sleep anywhere.

    18. But pack an eye mask and an inflatable pillow to save yourself some restless nights.

    19. Try new foods even if they sound weird. You'll have a new favorite dish in no time.

    20. Embrace Nutella as your peanut butter substitute.

    21. Avoid cheesy American-style bars. Unless you want to see a lot of this:

    22. Instead drink with the locals and make some new friends.

    23. Remember that getting lost is oftentimes the best thing that can happen.

    24. And remember despite the many bumps, bruises, and terrible mistakes you will inevitably make, at the end of the day, you'll find you can actually take care of yourself.

    25. So have fun...

    Because the world really is a wonderful place.

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