25 Prom Dance Moves For The Rhythmically Challenged

    No swagger? No problem.

    Prom is just around the corner.

    1. The pre-prom mirror dance.

    2. The "I didn't go to prom, so I'm gonna dance in my room."

    3. The white man's overbite.

    4. The awkward robot.

    5. Simple booty shake.

    6. The booty pop.

    7. Elbows and knees. Classic.

    8. The twist.

    9. Strip tease.

    10. The sassy stick dance.

    11. The dance what's in your soul.

    12. The you and your friend have a lot of free time.

    13. Sweatpants dance.

    14. The Lemon

    15. Playing the drums.

    16. The sexy from head to toe.

    17. The closed double fist pump.

    18. The vertical hand chop.

    19. The Mama June.

    20. The what should I do with my hair.

    21. The aggressive toddler.

    22. The derp.

    23. The Ho Down.

    24. The thank goodness summer vacation is almost here.

    25. The Gangnam Style was so 2012.

    Warning: your sweet dance moves may upset older prom chaperones. Don't sweat it— carry on.

    Final advice?

    May the force be with you.