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    25 Prom Dance Moves For The Rhythmically Challenged

    No swagger? No problem.

    Prom is just around the corner.

    For the rhythmically challenged prom can be a terrifying reality. If you're worried about showcasing your dancing skills, here are some sweet moves to get you going.

    1. The pre-prom mirror dance.

    Note: You may want to have a few friends spot you in case you should fall off your bathroom sink.

    2. The "I didn't go to prom, so I'm gonna dance in my room."

    Big Machine Records

    aka The Taylor Swift.

    3. The white man's overbite.

    Castle Rock

    Now available to men and women of any color.

    4. The awkward robot.

    An updated version of the classic "robot".

    5. Simple booty shake.

    Logo TV / Via

    Easy and effective.

    6. The booty pop.


    A slight variation on the booty shake. For those with little imagination, but a desire to "shake your groove thang".

    7. Elbows and knees. Classic.

    Bonus points if you can find leather Hammer pants to dance in.

    8. The twist.

    Focus Features

    A no brainer. If you have zero dance mojo, I am 100% positive you can still do the twist.

    9. Strip tease.

    Warning: We do not advise actually taking your clothes off at prom. The motion of stripping will suffice.

    10. The sassy stick dance.

    Shoulder, shoulder, hip, hip.

    11. The dance what's in your soul.


    Hopefully your soul will have better moves than Napoleon.

    12. The you and your friend have a lot of free time.

    Contrary to popular belief, coordinated dances are always cool, never cheesy.

    13. Sweatpants dance.

    Rhett and Link / Via

    For those who have the moves, but not necessarily the proper prom attire.

    14. The Lemon

    NBC Universal

    Stripper pole optional.

    15. Playing the drums.


    Imaginary instruments, always a crowd pleaser.

    16. The sexy from head to toe.

    May require some mirror practice. Personally, anytime I make a "sexy" face I end up looking either angry or constipated.

    17. The closed double fist pump.

    Your fists may be closed, but your heart is wide open.

    18. The vertical hand chop.

    It's like voguing, but better.

    19. The Mama June.

    TLC / Via

    Let your hands tell the story.

    20. The what should I do with my hair.

    Clearly you should pull it as you dance to the beat.

    21. The aggressive toddler.

    TLC / Via

    Channel your inner diva.

    22. The derp.


    23. The Ho Down.

    Should you panic and forget your dance moves, do the ho down (made famous by Ashlee Simpson).

    24. The thank goodness summer vacation is almost here.

    Also known as: "Oh em gee, I love this song!"

    25. The Gangnam Style was so 2012.

    Don't do it. You'll regret it.

    Warning: your sweet dance moves may upset older prom chaperones. Don't sweat it— carry on.

    Final advice?

    May the force be with you.

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