21 Types Of People You Meet While Flying

“There’s a colonial woman on the plane churning butter.”

1. The new flyer who isn’t quite sure if it’s appropriate to drink on a plane.

Universal Pictures.

2. The seasoned flyer.

3. The person whose arms are all up on your armrest.

4. The baby who will inevitably cry the entire flight.

5. The person who thinks it’s appropriate to bring Burger King on board and stink up the whole damn plane.

Disney Channel

6. The girl who is inexplicably doing her makeup for the entire flight.

7. The nervous n00b.

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8. The person who refuses to get off their call until the flight attendant closes the doors.

9. The person who immediately passes out… on you.

10. The person who is upset at every aspect of traveling.

Columbia Pictures

11. The Chatty Cathy who refuses to stop telling you their life story.


12. The creeper who won’t stop looking over at your screen.

Racoonook / Via gizmodo.com

13. The seriously over-prepared traveler.

14. The person who thinks they’re being clever by not actually turning off their phone.

15. The person who won’t stop getting up to use the bathroom.


16. The person with far, far too much luggage.

17. The person holding up the security line because they are wearing every piece of jewelry they own.

18. The mile high club alumni.

Universal Pictures

19. The smarmy businessman who thinks he’s too important to be sitting in economy.

Sorry sir, you’ll have to endure the plebeian life for one more flight.

20. The person who is inappropriately dressed.

Happy travels!

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