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    19 Gorgeous Retro Travel Posters To Fantasy Destinations

    If Comic-Con had an official travel agency...

    1. If reality has been hard to handle lately why not get away to a fantasy destination of your choosing. Like Skull Island.

    Beware the giant gorillas.

    2. The safe and peaceful Overlook Hotel.

    Great for relaxing getaways.

    3. Or maybe you're a city dweller. In which case there's no city like Metropolis.

    Justin Van Genderen / Via

    Pick up a copy of The Daily Planet for tips and tricks while you're there.

    4. Well no city, except Gotham.

    Justin Van Genderen / Via

    Keep your purse close, and your bat signal closer.

    5. If Earth seems a little close to home, try Pandora.

    Avatar strongly recommended.

    6. For the discerning traveler check out the palatial Minas Tirith.

    Can be hard to reach sans horseback.

    7. If you're hoping for an out of this galaxy experience, try Tatooine.

    Justin Van Gendersen / Via

    Prepare your dust masks.

    8. Deserts not your things? No worries, there's always Endor.

    Justin Van Gendersen / Via

    A perfect family spot amongst the friendly Ewok.

    9. Personally we're fans of Winterfell; the Starks are lovely hosts.

    Weather warning: winter is coming.

    10. However if winter isn't really your thing, relax by the beach at Kings Landing.

    Note: the hosts aren't so kind in Kings Landing.

    11. Sports fan? Be sure to check out the Quidditch World Cup.

    Caroline Hadilaksono

    Portkeys not included.

    12. Or spend a night at the historical Hogwarts.

    Caroline Hadilaksono

    We recommend the Ravenclaw dormitories.

    13. Got a closet? Great, you're one step closer to the one and only Narnia.

    State department warning: potential war zone.

    14. Dying to take a "trip"? Head to Wonderland.

    BuzzFeed does not condone the use of acid.

    15. Sick of Kansas? Then you know where it's at. Oz is just a tornado away.

    Please be careful where you park your house.

    16. There is no place more exclusive than Atlantis.

    That is if you can find it.

    17. Feeling powerful? Head to Midgar.

    Just steer clear of the slums.

    18. Tired of being an adult? Who needs Club Med, when there's Neverland.

    You know the drill, second star to the right.

    19. And for those of you feeling nostalgic, head to the Hundred Acre Wood for a little R & R.

    Stuffed animals not included.

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