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    17 Reasons Betty Who Will Blow Up The Music Scene In 2014

    She is your new jam — promise.

    If you haven't heard about Betty Who yet— meet your new favorite artist of 2014.

    1. First off, YOU. HAVE. TO. HEAR. THIS. SONG. "Somebody Loves You" is such an anthem. It's great. I guarantee you will be in a better mood after listening to it.

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    2. Truth is, you probably heard it while you were sobbing during the mega-viral "Home Depot Wedding Proposal" on YouTube.

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    And you you probably like, "OMG WHAT IS THIS SONG?!"

    3. Since then she's been killing it, performing songs off her EP, "The Movement" in preparation for her full album drop later this year under RCA.

    4. "The Movement," by the way, is a FANTASTIC EP. It's one of those EP's you put on and can legitimately listen all the way through.

    5. "You're In Love" is such a bop.

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    *Puts on "Youre In Love"* DOESN'T STOP LISTENING FOR 3 DAYS

    6. But everyone's secret favorite song is "High Society".

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    "High Society" has legit one of the best sing-a-long lines ever, "WE'LL DRINK CHARDONNAY THROUGH THE DAY."

    I DIE.

    7. You must also listen to the the best gym song of 2014.

    Brb, running 8 miles.

    8. According to Betty, her favorite workout song is Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love LIVE."

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    In her own words, Beyoncé "fills me with such a bad-assery."

    Betty is generally hilarious. Think the Jennifer Lawrence of music:

    9. Let's take a look at her Twitter:

    10. She is super hilarious.

    Like forreal LOL funny.

    11. She's also accurate.

    12. But more importantly, she knows how to take a compliment.

    13. In terms of the male sex, she has great taste...

    ... though, tbh, she will steal your man.


    14. On the down low, Betty actually told us that her real celebrity crush is the one and only Nick Jonas (no offense Ryan Gosling.)

    15. Back to the music. You HAVE to see her live.

    16. For real, she's touring and lit'rally everyone I know (LOL SO MANY PEOPLE) freak out when they see her live.

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    17. As demonstrated below, girl can MOVE.

    As mentioned earlier, Betty has a full length album coming out later this year. If you know what's good for you, download "The Movement" EP or listen to it on Spotify.

    TL;DR (or listen) version, you need Betty Who in your life. You won't regret it.