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    16 Things You Could Buy For $13,000

    Have $13,000 lying around? Neither do we, but let's pretend together.

    According to Travel + Leisure, Singapore Airlines has remained the No. 1 customer-rated airline for 17 years in a row.

    E'm Company / H. Goussé

    Known for its excellent service and extreme luxury, Singapore Airlines has outdone itself with its new Suite Class, "a class above first."

    Image courtesy of Singapore Air.

    As if we really needed something above first class.


    And now FOR ONLY $13,044.09, you too can fly Suite Class from San Francisco to Hong Kong without a care in the world.

    Image courtesy of Singapore Air.

    Tired from carrying around so much money? Take a nap in your comfy bed, complete with Givenchy PJs, Givenchy sheets, and, of course, a personal turn-down service.

    Image courtesy of Singapore Air.

    Hate people? No worries, you'll have your own private room far away from everyday plebeians.

    Image courtesy of Singapore Air.

    So this is what rich looks like... Sigh.

    Image courtesy of Singapore Air.

    But just in case luxury flying isn't your thing, here are 16 other things you could buy for around $13,000.

    Comedy Central

    1. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom house in Detroit, Michigan, @ $13,000

    2. A 2013 Chevrolet Spark @ $12,170|_GM+Chevy+Retention_|_GG-RTN-Chevrolet-Spark-BP-SN-Exact_|_Spark+HV_|_chevrolet%20spark

    3. A Tiffany & Co.'s "Tiffany Setting" one-carat engagement ring @ $11,000

    4. Two brand-new wells via Charity Water bringing fresh water to over 300 people @ an average of $7,500 per well

    5. 12 days at the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora @ $1,504 per night

    6. 13 rooms worth of Ikea furniture @ $915.97 per room

    Good luck with all that assembly.

    7. 18 Specialized Langster Street Bikes (2014) @ $700 each

    8. 20 tickets on a five-day Disney Cruise to the Western Caribbean @ $625 per person

    9. 39 iPad minis (16GB) @ $329 each

    10. 69 sets of sweet luggage @ $189 per set

    AKA 207 pieces of roller heaven.

    11. 96 round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Southwest @ $132 each

    Essentially for the price of one ticket to Singapore, you could fly to Vegas every four days for an entire year.

    12. 137* pairs of Warby Parker prescription glasses @ $95 per pair

    *274 if you count the pair they give away for each pair you buy.

    13. 237 pairs of Chuck Taylors @ $55 per pair

    14. 3,633 gallons of gas @ a nationwide average price of $3.59 per gallon

    That's enough to make 30 trips across the United States (90,835 miles) in a car with the nationwide average of 25MPG.

    15. 3,261 tall Starbucks Frappuccinos @ $4 each

    16. And 135 YEARS of Netflix @ $8 per month

    Hopefully they keep making Orange Is the New Black for that long.