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    14 YouTube Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Watching

    Whether you're a makeup whiz or a total beginner, these beauty experts will make your life much easier.

    1. Zoe Sugg— "Zoella"

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    A favorite of the British YouTube community, Zoella is bright, bubbly, and pretty much as adorable as they come. Every one of her lovely-looking videos seems like it was shot through a gorgeous Instagram filter, too, so you get a double dose of beauty.

    2. Weylie Hoang— "I Like Weylie"

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    Weylie is the perfect mix of zany and practical. She's big on helpful step-by-steps and definitely doesn't shy away from the taboo (e.g. "How To Put On A Tampon").

    3. Patricia Bright— "Patricia Bright"

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    It's a British invasion! Not only does Patricia love in-depth haul videos, she's also the queen of breaking down even the most basic of beauty routines. Did I mention she has an adorable husband named Mike who often appears in her videos? Because she does, and it's really sweet.

    4. Grace Helbig— "Graces Faces"

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    Grace Helbig, aka "Daily Grace," is one of the Internet's comedic gems, and now she's branching out by making over her famous YouTuber friends, too. Basically, you need to watch this ish, because it's as entertaining as it is helpful.

    5. Louise Pentland— "Sprinkle Of Glitter"

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    Louise is a mum from The UK who's guaranteed to make you laugh as she makes you over, as in this tutorial called "How To Look Average." She's also brutally honest when it comes to product reviews, which will save you time and money.

    6. Ingrid Nilsen— "Miss Glamorazzi"

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    Vlogging since 2009, Ingrid has become a total expert when it comes to quick and easy beauty tips. Her channel is packed with helpful how-tos ranging from how to organize your makeup to how to make a summer hair mask out of mangoes!

    7. Michelle Phan— "Michelle Phan"

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    Michelle Phan has become so big in the beauty world that she actually has her own makeup line. Whether you're already a makeup pro or just bored at a sleepover, you'll be entertained with her intricate celebrity makeup how-tos. I mean, just check out her flawless Khaleesi look.

    8. Andrea Brooks— "Andrea's Choice"

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    Andrea is a true beauty polymath. She does a little bit of everything: hair tutorials, DIY projects, and, of course, many, many makeup how-tos. Since she's such a jill of all trades, you can spend tons of time on her channel without losing interest.

    9. Elle Fowler— Elle Fowler

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    One of YouTube's OG beauty gurus, Elle certainly knows her stuff. Her channel includes fun videos on style, beauty, and even home decor, which gives viewers an in-depth look at her overall aesthetic.

    10. Kandee Johnson— "Kandee Johnson"

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    Kandee is a Hollywood makeup artist with a flair for the bold. If you're looking to try something new, exciting, and totally different from your normal makeup routine, you've come to the right place.

    11. Destiny Godley— "Destiny Godley"

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    Destiny will teach you everything from how to establish a basic beauty routine to how to do your makeup like Rihanna or Katy Perry, which makes her captivating to beauty fiends and beginners alike.

    12. Tanya Burr— "Tanya Burr"

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    Tanya is another great British YouTuber who is big on collabs and celebrity how-tos. Ever wanted to look like Lana del Rey? Here ya go!

    13. Lindy Tsang— "Bubz Beauty"

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    Lindy, or "Bubz," is famous for her quirky style, quick and easy makeup tutorials, and awesome hair DIYS. In addition to offering something for everyone, she's also totally charming.

    14. Bethany Mota— "Mac 07 Barbie"

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    Bethany is the quintessential girl next door. She has a fun, simple style, and her channel is packed full of helpful how-tos. And if you're a younger viewer, Bethany is a particularly great resource for figuring out the basics.

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