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    • ashleyo16

      not looking for recognition necessarily. Just trying to get away from the stereotype that roller derby is fake or a joke or that you just show up to practice and the games all like whatever. Its a real sport and these women put in crazy hours to do it. Trying to take a step away from fishnets and butt cheeks and get people to see that these women train just as hard as the athletes that do professional sports. ….and they run the business too. volunteering.

    • ashleyo16

      YAY! At them covering roller derby. Boo at them not using this asagreat platform to dispel crappy rumors about our sport. Heres whatIwould have liked to see mentioned: 1. This is the fastest growning womens sport in the world
      2. Most leagues are skater owned and operated. Non-profit. Rely on league dues, fundraising and sponsorship to keep this alive.
      3. The major teams in this sport are playing internationally at the highest level this sport has ever see (London Rollergirls just left Vancouver, Canada after an epic night of derby)
      4. Punching, elbowing, offensive language and gestures, and fighting are all illegal and are taken very seriously.
      5. As this sport evolves we are moving away from sexy sexy tattoos, homemade t-shirt uniforms and fishnets. The higher level teams are sporting athletic pants (like Pivotstar Francy Pants)and legitimate sports jerseys.
      6. the 2nd Roller Derby World Cup, bringing in teams with the best skaters from their country, is happening in 2014. The first one was hosted by Canada, the USA won and there was 13 countries participating (including Argentina, Brazil, Sweden to nameafew)
      7. This is NOT fake or stages
      8. Roller derby ain’t just for women.
      9. These women are ATHLETES. They focus on nutrition, they cross train their butts off, they have serious fitness schedules and they take their athleticism very seriously.
      10. Most leagues are run by skaters with members putting upwards of 40 hours per month into their jobs running the league, making sure there is insurance and practice space, training new skaters, ect ect. This is ON TOP of their paying jobs, families, social lives, ect.
      11. It is SO worth every single bump, bruise and break.

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