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Upcycle Your Old Light Bulbs By Turning Them Into Vases

A bright idea.

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What you need:

-Light bulb

-Safety gloves

-Small screw driver

-Small plier

-Wire hanger

-Wire cutters


For the bulb: (*Wear safety gloves)

-Use small pliers to remove the thin circular covering on the base of the light bulb.

-Use a small screw driver to break the black glass underneath. Pour out the broken fragments.

-Use the small screw driver to break off and remove the filament.

-Pour out any excess glass fragments.

For the hanger stand:

-Use wire cutter to snip off the hook of the hanger.

-Bend the wire to create a "V" shaped stand (use the preexisting corner as the point of the triangle). You should have a long portion of the remaining wire extending upward.

-Bend the end of the extended wire into a circle that will fit the base of the light bulb.

-Hang your bulb on the stand, fill with your favorite flowers, and enjoy!

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