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    Your Pet Will Be So Happy To Sleep In A Bed You Made For Them

    I could hold you in my (sweater) arms forever....

    You will need....

    * An old sweater

    * Yarn

    * Large yarn needle

    * Pillow

    * Stuffing

    1. Sew a straight-ish line across the chest of your sweater.

    2. Sew the neck hole closed.

    3. Stuff the arms like you're turning them into a teddy bear.

    4. Insert a pillow into the body of the sweater, and stretch the sweater over it so the front and back of the sweater touch.

    It's best if this is a pillow slightly larger than the body of the sweater so that it doesn't slide around too much when you sew it up.

    5. Sew the bottom of the sweater together underneath the pillow.

    6. Tuck loose fabric behind the back.

    7. Make your sweater arms hold hands, and then stitch them together.

    8. And finally, stitch the arms to the body of the bed to keep them in place.

    9. Bother your friends with hundreds of photos of your pet resting in your creation.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

    Facebook: video.php

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