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    Turn An Old Chandelier Into This Magical Herb Garden

    Basil and parsley and mint, oh my!

    What you need:

    Thrift store chandelier

    Flower pots (as many pots as there are arms on your chandelier)

    Spray paint (2 different colors)

    Sticker letters

    1 S-hook
    Soil and herbs


    1. Remove any sockets or filaments from your chandelier.

    2. Spray paint the chandelier.

    3. On the flower pots, paint a coat of paint on the rim.

    4. Once that paint is dry, place stick-on letters onto the rim,

    over the paint. Spray paint the entire pot in a different color. Once the paint is dry, remove the stick-on letters to reveal your label.

    5. Place the flower pots onto the arms of your chandelier. If desired, adhere with industrial strength glue.

    6. Use an S-hook to hang the chandelier and plant your herbs!

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