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This Amazing Wine Glass Makes You Look As Drunk As You Feel

Wino alert.

Are you the wino of your friend group?

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You're also probably known as the ~fun~ one.

Then let the Upside Down Wine Glass let you look like the magical drunk that you really are.


It might just be the best $8 you've ever spent. And you can buy it here.

Basically, it looks like a regular wine glass except there is a cover on the “top” and the stem works as a straw.


So crazy. So drunk.


I had my friend round and I had already poured the glass of wine before she arrived. When she saw my glass of wine upside down, she looked horrified she thought I was going to get the wine all over the White table cloth. It was red wine as well….As soon as I piicked up my glass of wine and started drinking it from the base, she just laughed out loud. She couldn't believe I had an upside down glass of wine.

Sounds like she was really able to *cellar* friend on it.


*Drink responsibly. We wouldn’t want you to cause any bottley harm.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Ok, can’t think of anymore puns; I’m drawing a blanc.


Ugh, I'm making such a glass of myself.

…..Actually, I have another pun but I'm Sauvignon it for later.


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