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This Amazing Wine Glass Makes You Look As Drunk As You Feel

Wino alert.

Are you the wino of your friend group?

Then let the Upside Down Wine Glass let you look like the magical drunk that you really are.

Basically, it looks like a regular wine glass except there is a cover on the “top” and the stem works as a straw.


I had my friend round and I had already poured the glass of wine before she arrived. When she saw my glass of wine upside down, she looked horrified she thought I was going to get the wine all over the White table cloth. It was red wine as well….As soon as I piicked up my glass of wine and started drinking it from the base, she just laughed out loud. She couldn't believe I had an upside down glass of wine.

Sounds like she was really able to *cellar* friend on it.

*Drink responsibly. We wouldn’t want you to cause any bottley harm.

Ok, can’t think of anymore puns; I’m drawing a blanc.

…..Actually, I have another pun but I'm Sauvignon it for later.