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    14 Ridiculously Awesome Toaster Snacks To Get You Through The Cold

    Toaster lyfe ftw.

    1. Tortilla Pizza

    Is your favorite pizza place starting to judge you because you're there like five times a week? Same. That's why you need to make this.

    2. Toasted Fluffernutter Sandwich

    If you are unfortunately unfamiliar with this seductive sandwich, it's just peanut butter, marshmallow cream, and banana slices between two pieces of bread. Just assemble, toast, and indulge!

    3. Tortilla Chips

    You literally just toast a tortilla. That's it. Tortilla + toaster = chips. For some zest, add oil, salt, and pepper. You can find a good recipe here!

    4. Toasted Asparagus

    A nifty toaster bag ($7.99) could be all that stands between you and some toasty veggies. For pop-up toasters, just put your favorite vegetable in the packet. Or, if you are using a toaster oven, here's a step-by-step recipe.

    5. Broiled Grapefruit

    Lauren Zaser / Justine Zwiebel / Via BuzzFeed

    Is that not the sexiest grapefruit you've ever seen? And to think that came out of a toaster oven! Here's how to make the savory superfruit of your dreams.

    6. Veggie Burgers

    This one is seriously life-changing for any veggie lover on the go. Most frozen veggie burgers can be cooked in a standard pop-up toaster. If you're feeling really ambitious, here's a recipe to make and freeze your own veggie burgers.

    7. Taco Shells

    For a pop-up toaster, fold the tortilla in half before placing it inside. If you have a toaster oven, put a soft tortilla in a coffee mug and set it sideways in the oven. Here’s a mug-taco tutorial that uses a microwave instead.

    8. Puff Pastry Breakfast Pizzas

    Pastries, breakfast, AND pizza? Be still my heart. Check out how to make this crispy combo here.

    9. Paninis

    Carolyn Robertson / Via

    The only limit to making paninis is the width of your toaster slots and your imagination! Most toasters can fit a standard bagel half, so you can fit more than you'd think. (You may want to opt for a toaster bag to avoid any fallout.)

    10. Bruschetta

    Tara Kuczykowski

    Who knew making sophisticated-sounding hors d'oeuvres could be so easy? Check out this super-simple recipe.

    11. Dried Fruit


    No fancy food dehydrator needed! A toaster oven will get the job done just fine. Here is a thorough guide that uses apples.

    12. Toasted Peanut Butter & Jelly

    What's better than PB&J? A TOASTED PB&J. Just put your standard PB&J in a toaster bag and you guessed it...toast. You may want to flip your toaster on its side to avoid any gooey drippage.

    13. Croutons

    Look at you, eatin' salad. Impressive! But no meal is complete without carbs.

    To make croutons, toast some bread on low heat until it's crunchy, but not burned. When the bread is still warm, dab on some garlic and then chop it up into little delicious bread nuggets. (Wouldn't that be a better name for croutons?)

    Now go get nommin'!

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