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    15 Amazing DIY Phone Cases That You Can Actually Make

    Hotline *bling*.

    1. Make your favorite flowers last forever with this pressed flower phone case.

    2. Download printable inserts to jazz up a clear case.

    Here are some more free designs that you can print:

    3. Add some edge with these statement studs.

    4. Get creative with washi tape by making geometric patterns.

    5. Little drops of nail polish can totally reinvent a plain case.

    And here is another DIY nail polish version to try:

    6. Bling your hotline with some crafting jewels.

    7. Spray adhesive + glitter + a stencil = this awesome case.

    8. You can also cover your phone with some colorful duct tape.

    9. Hop on the adult coloring book bandwagon by filling in a printable design with watercolor paint.

    *Berry* cute, don't cha think? Here is how you can make your own.

    10. Go all pearly white with this bold design.

    11. Shake up your accessory game with this ~studly~ case.

    12. If you're feeling extra creative, decoupage any design you like.

    13. Make this classy leather phone pouch.

    14. Connect the dots to make this funky design.

    15. Buy one of these nifty cross stitch cases so you can create an original pattern.