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    Short On Space? This DIY Turns Wall Art Into A Table

    Turn your favorite framed piece into a Murphy table for dining and working.

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    Old picture frame

    Plank of wood (same dimensions as pictures frame)


    2 heavy duty hinges

    2 regular hinges

    Wall-mounted hook and eye


    1. Paint your picture frame and plank of wood to match.

    2. Lay the picture frame face down and place the plank of wood on top. Attach them together by screwing hinged to the top of the picture frame and the top of the plank.

    3. Screw heavy duty hinges to the bottom of the wood plank (not attached to frame).

    4. Open the frame/plank combination to a 90 degree angle and screw the free end of your heavy duty hinges to the wall.

    5. Once the hinges are secure, fold the table upwards so that the frame looks as if it is hanging on the wall and the wood plank is hidden between the wall and the frame.

    6. While holding up the frame, mark at the top center of the frame where you will screw on the hook and eye. This will allow you to hang the picture frame and then detach it, to bring it down as a table.

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