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28 Super Easy Yarn DIYs That Require Zero Knitting

Infin-knitly easier than knitting.

1. Jazz up a braid with some colored yarn.

2. Reinvent a plain woven basket by adding some tassels.

3. Or use tassels and a wooden dowel for neat wall decor.

Check out the tutorial here.

4. You can also add tassels to a blanket or bedskirt for a pop of color.

Maybe you'll *actually* make your bed once you see how awesome this looks. The tutorial for the black blanket is here and the instructions for the white bedskirt on the right are here.

5. Strategically hang yarn to create a colorful display.

6. The same idea can be used on an embroidery hoop, too.

You can find the instructions for the white one on the right by clicking here and the tutorial for the striped one on the left is here.

7. Give plain wicker bowls and plates a serious upgrade with some simple stitches.

8. Gather some sticks and yarn to make teeny-tiny teepees.

9. Or make a big-ass teepee.

10. Bundle up some pom-poms to create this textured decoration.

11. You can apply the same idea to a rug for cozy toes.

12. Craft this charming salutation with wire and yarn.

13. Give a little piece of your heart with a little piece of yarn.

14. Rep your hometown with this adorable state outline.

15. Make one-of-a-kind feathers with scraps of yarn.

16. Embellish ordinary desk accessories with a few stitches.

Shawn Mendes approves of these stitches. Here is the tutorial.

17. Make this macrame yarn garland for a splash of color.

18. Speaking of macrame, display your plants with a neon macrame holder.

19. Make this ~dreamy~ decorative piece for your bedroom.

20. Shake things up with some chandeliers made of yarn.

21. Use yarn scraps to make these cute little guys and gals.

22. Turn any hanger into a nonslip hanger by wrapping yarn around it.

A perfect way to use those pesky wire hangers from the dry cleaners. See more about this DIY here.

23. Just a few short pieces can make these super-cute bookmarks.

Bookmark this bookmark tutorial by clicking here.

24. Dress up some bangles with some wrapping and stitching.

25. Create these yarn letters to spell out all of your favorite things.

26. Old bottles can become new again with some multicolored yarn.

27. Same thing goes for pots!

28. If you're totally done with your scraps, leave them in a bird feeder and watch colorful nests start popping up in nearby trees.

You in the very near future: