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    Make An Epic Toy For Your Dog Out Of Your Old T-Shirts


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    What you need:

    - 2 Old T-Shirts

    - Tennis Ball

    - X-Acto Knife

    - Ruler

    - Scissors



    1. Cut off the torso of your shirt by cutting in a straight line directly under the sleeves, across the chest. Also trim off the seam at the bottom of the T-Shirt.

    2. Fold the remaining torso in half, with the open edges on the side. Leave 1 inch of space at the top.

    3. Cut the folded fabric into 1 inch strips, stoping each cut when you reach the first edge (before the 1 inch space you created in step 2.)

    4. Unfold the fabric and lay to out so that the uncut strip is in the center.

    5. Cut diagonally from one slit to the next, across the uncut portion.

    6. When you are done, you should have one continuous strip of fabric. You can cut this piece is half so create 2 pieces. Then, repeat this process on another T-Shirt, giving you 4 strips of fabric total.


    1. Collect all 4 strips and tie them together.

    2. Start a box stitch and complete approximately 25 stitches.

    3. Cut 2 wholes in a tennis ball and thread the fabric strips through.

    4. Complete another 25 box stitches and then tie into a knot.

    5. Go play with your furry friend!

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