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    17 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With A Hot Glue Gun

    Hot damn.

    1. Swap glue sticks for crayons to create awesome wax art.

    2. Seal your envelopes old-school style with wax seals.

    3. Plug up bath toys with a simple dot of glue.

    4. Decorate a plain vase with a textured effect.

    Learn how to make your own here.

    5. You can also paint over your designs to create custom jars.

    This is an awesome way to label things or write a cute message. Here are some instructions.

    6. Clean your makeup brushes with this DIY brush cleaning board.

    7. Transform any hanger into a non-slip hanger with just a little bit of glue.

    8. Take the "slip" out of slippers with just a strip of glue.

    Click here to see more.

    9. Make these crafty coral masterpieces with just some wire, glue, and paint.

    10. Create faux roman shades without the hassle of sewing.

    11. Speaking of no-sew solutions, this teepee is as easy as can be.

    12. Make darling little winter decorations by using a glue gun and nail polish.

    13. Doodle on a rolling pin with glue to create a custom roller stamp.

    14. Up-cycle a computer chair with a quick glue gun upholstery job.

    15. Skip a trip to Diagon Alley by making your own wand at home.

    16. Deck out plain old votives with some hot glue and paint.

    17. Dabs of glue can make some decorative dots for your scrapbook.

    This could also be a great little embellishment for cards. Click here to see how they're made.