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I Ran Disney's Princess Half-Marathon And It Was The Best Thing Ever

The happiest race on earth.

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I myself ran the half marathon with my BFF, Sam, and got to see all the ridiculously awesome costumes that people made.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

I made the Jessie costume, on the left, and Sam made her Rapunzel ensemble. (We are obviously v competitive runners since we stopped for this photo op...)


Here are the best costumes from this year's Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend:

1. The #princessmen who stole the show.

John Remus III

The guys said: "This was something that we started for fun last year that quickly turned into a source of positivity and humor for other runners in the race. A bunch of guys dressed as princesses (and two women as princes last year) running and having a good time brought smiles to a lot of people’s faces."

We love ya, #princessmen.


21. Team Wonderland coming in hot.

Rochelle Irons

IRL the group is pretty cool too. They said: "In real life we are an airline pilot, nurse, artist, toy photographer, security analyst, and an executive assistant."