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    27 Free Phone Backgrounds For Anyone Who Needs A Little Pep Talk

    Beautiful and inspiring; what's not to love?

    1. This important reminder to yourself:

    Not only is this design beautiful and encouraging, but the designer has an awesome inspirational story behind it. You can read the blog post about it here. Download it here.

    2. This prescription for some peace of mind:

    Download it here.

    3. This wallpaper that validates your weirdo self:

    Download it here.

    4. This very true fact about mythical creatures like yourself:

    Download it here.

    5. The most flattering compliment ever given:

    Download it here.

    6. This sweet bit of inspo:

    Download it here.

    7. This glamorous guidance from Coco Chanel:

    Amanda Graus / All Things Pretty Creative

    Blogger Amanda Graus made this just for BuzzFeed! Click here to visit her blog All Things Pretty Creative and see more beautiful designs.

    8. This helpful sprinkling of glitter and happiness:

    If you're happy and you know it, girlfriend. Download it here.

    9. This royal quote fit for a princess like yourself:

    Download it here, your majesty.

    10. This charming design with a joyful exclamation:

    Download it here.

    11. This recommendation to do whatever you damn well please:

    Amanda Graus / All Things Pretty Creative

    This is another Amanda Graus design that she whipped up just for this article. Check out her blog here for more designs like this one.

    12. These two words:

    Download it here.

    13. This little bit of advice to get yourself ahead:

    14. This floral piece of good advice:

    This pro tip that is responsible for a Fortune 500 company:

    Amanda Graus / All Things Pretty Creative

    This is another wallpaper made by Amanda Graus just for BuzzFeed. You can find her blog All Things Pretty Creative here.

    15. A seemingly obvious but often overlooked idea:

    Download it here.

    16. This design that is very in tune with reality:

    Download it here.

    17. This cause and effect:

    18. These encouraging pineapples:

    Cassandra Ann /

    You can find this wallpaper and other summery inspiration here.

    19. This design that features your new title:

    20. This animated piece of advice:

    21. This ray of sunshine you can save for a cloudy day:

    22. This mantra straight out of Ariana Grande's playbook:

    Cassandra Ann /

    Download this wallpaper and other motivational designs here.

    23. This fact that we all need to be reminded of once in a while:

    Download it here.

    24. This simple and happy little story:

    25. This golden rule:

    Literally. It's gold. Download it here.

    26. These words of wisdom:

    27. This quote that will hopefully bring you a little bit of relief:

    Download it here.

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