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    16 Totally Doable DIY Projects That All Solve More Than One Problem

    Because 2 > 1.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This darling divider that doubles as a mirror:

    Change your clothes and check yourself out, all in one shot. You can find the tutorial here.

    2. These planters that double as house numbers:

    Here is the tutorial for the mounted trunk and this is the tutorial for the large planter.

    3. These hanging folding chairs that double as storage when they're not being used:

    Your garage will thank you later. See more about this idea here.

    4. This headboard that is actually a wardrobe:

    Business in the front, sleepy in the back. Check out how it's made here.

    5. This creative way to stash pens:

    Perfect way to disguise them from pen thieves lurking around your office. See how it's made here.

    6. A coffee table that transforms for playtime:

    Company coming over in 5? No problem. See more about it here.

    7. This armoire with a hidden work station:

    Because sometimes work just needs to just be tucked away. Learn how to make it here.

    8. These ottomans that are secretly filing cabinets:

    V chic. V organized. See how they made it here.

    9. This crafting table that folds away into wall art:

    Imagine all your crafting supplies in *one* place? Dreams really do come true. See how it's made here.

    10. An outdoor table for the whole family to enjoy:

    Because ain't nobody got space for both. See how this table can be made by clicking here.

    11. A big planter that serves as an outdoor end table by putting the ceramic dish on top instead of underneath:

    A little coat of paint will have it looking store-bought in no time. See more about it here.

    12. This peg board kitchen decor that features your most used pots and pans:

    Easy access, easy decorating. We like. Check out the tutorial here.

    13. This coffee station that stashes all of your morning necessities:

    Crafty and caffeinated. Learn how to make your own here.

    14. This toilet paper holder that knows you bring your phone into the bathroom with you:

    You know, sometimes scrolling through Instagram just can't wait. Check out how to make your own here.

    15. This decorative book that also disguises your less than beautiful router:

    Technology eye sores be gone! Learn how to make your own here.

    16. This window pane transformed into a photo collage, shelf, and message station:

    So lovely. Click here to see how it's made.

    Hooray for decor that multitasks just as much as you do!

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