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I Gave My Friend's Studio Apartment A DIY Makeover For $400

Real friends build each other coffee tables.

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I love DIY projects! I also love my friend, Merle!

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

I'm a Nifty producer here at BuzzFeed, so I get to make DIY projects all day. Merle is a Tasty producer at BuzzFeed so she gets to make delicious food all day. Friends with benefits, for sure.

Because of that, I decided to give Merle's studio apartment a DIY makeover.

Which totally gives you all the right to ask your friends, "Why haven't you come over and redone my entire apartment?"

It was a wild, wild ride which you, too, can embark on by watching this video:

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And catch up with more tips to redo your own apartment on BuzzFeed Nifty.



1. Add wheels to all 4 legs of the desk (do this to both desks).

2. Attach the desks together using a hinge. Line the desks up and use a hinge to attach two legs (one from each desk) to one another.

3. Attach the other two legs with the latch on the opposite side.

4. Undo the latch to use as desks, bring them together and close the latch to create a dining table.



Assembling The Cube:

1. Make the perimeter of your cube by using wood glue to attach two 18x18 planks and two 16x18 planks. Once the wood glue is dry, reinforce the glued areas with nails every 2 inches.

2. Apply glue to the edges ot the wood and place a 18x18 plank on top. Once the wood glue is dry, reinforce with nails.

3. Sand down the entire cube.

4. Wipe off any debris left from sanding.

5. Prime, stain and seal the wood.

6. Screw 4 wheels to the bottom of the cube.

Creating The Cube Lid:

1. Repeat steps on a separate 18x18 plank.

2. Create a seat cushion by using spray adhesive to attach a 16x16 piece of foam to a ΒΌ-inch thick piece of wood.

3. Upholster the cushion with durable fabric and a stable gun.

4. Map out a 16x16 space in the center of the 18x18 piece of wood.

5. Sand slightly, wipe away the excess shavings, and add glue the upholstered cushion to the 16x16 space on the lid. Allow 24 hours to fully dry.



1. Saw a rectangular-shaped opening large enough for your cat to fit through on the right side of the first shelf from the ground.

2. Saw a rectangular-shaped opening large enough for your cat to fit through on the left side of the second shelf from the ground.

3. In the center of the middle two divider pieces, saw a rectangular-shaped opening large enough for your cat to fit through.

4. Sand down any sharp edges left from sawing.

5. Trace the newly cut pieces onto your rug. Then, cut out those pieces and use wood glue to attach the rug to the shelves. For the middle divider pieces, you should put rug cuttings on both sides.

6. Reassemble your shelf and make sure it is secure. Attach to the wall if needed.


And here are 2 more little hacks!

DIYs that don't require any power tools (AKA the best kind of DIYs).

Use an old clothing rack and hanging plants to create a moveable room divider.

Ashley McGetrick / BuzzFeed

You can push it against the wall to create more space. Also, having it on wheels makes it super easy to move the plants towards sunlight when they need it.