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16 DIY Projects That Will Speak To People Who Lose Literally Everything

Stop being a loser.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. If you always lose your credit cards, keep them with your keys in this mini DIY wallet.

'Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a (key)ring on it. Here are the instructions.

2. If you constantly misplace your headphones, glue two clothes pins together and make this handy holder.

Pippa Armbrester / BuzzFeed

They are oddly the *perfect* size for headphones. Check out this article to learn more.

3. If you're always missing your bobby pins, give them a home in a decorated pill bottle.

Still waiting for scientists to discover the black hole where all bobby pins run away to. Here's how you can make this cute case.

4. If you lose change or rings often, this tiny macaron pouch is here to help.

It's so cute there's no way you'll be able to part with it. Check out the instructions here.

5. If you can't keep track of your pens, these unmistakable pompoms will stop pen-snatchers in their tracks.

Because everyone knows "Can I borrow a pen?" is never really about borrowing. Learn how to make your own here.

6. Or liven up your desk with a pen bouquet.

You'll always put them back in their place, just for the view. You can see the tutorial here.

7. If you always lose your lip balm, keep a tube at the ready with these super cute holders.

Maybe you'll actually finish a tube before you lose it and buy a new one. Here is a quick how-to guide.

8. If your phone goes missing all too often, tuck it away in this DIY printed pouch.

How could you leave behind something so adorable? Here are the instructions.

9. If you're always looking for lost jewelry, make a decorative dish that is just as cute as your accessories.

You can customize it to perfectly compliment any color scheme. Here is the tutorial.

10. If you always lose your sunglasses, throw together this case so you know exactly where to put your favorite pair.

No sew = no problems. Check out the instructions here.

11. This polite plaque will remind you to not just throw your keys somewhere and forget about them.

Totally ~hooked~ on this idea. Check out the tutorial here.

12. And you can keep track of them with some colored yarn.

Who knew yarn could be the ~key~ to keeping your shit together? Here are the instructions.

13. If you can't keep tabs on your charger, personalize it with colored tape and a DIY cord clip.

A bright, one-of-a-kind cord that you can't miss (and co-workers can't accidentally walk off with). Here's how you can make one.

14. If you always lose your socks, start collecting stray ones with this spunky clothes pin system.

Consider it the "Free Dobby" fund. You can get free printables (like the ones in these frames) here.

15. If you put your remotes in the weirdest places, stitch together a DIY holder.

No more couch cushion digging. Read the instructions here.

16. If you always lose your life lines, make a mat that will remind you to grab the essentials.

Here is a tutorial that will show you how to put any phrase on a door mat.

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