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    23 Super Cute Contact Paper DIYs To Transform Your Home

    Just stick it, stand back, and admire.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Welcome your guests with a custom entryway table.

    This gold and white marbled pattern really kicks it up a notch. Check it out here.

    2. Adhere semi-transparent contact paper to a window for extra privacy.

    A great solution for bathroom windows with a little *too* much of a view. Here is a how-to guide.

    3. Decorate your cabinet's toe kick with a unique design. / Via

    ~Toe-tally~ adorable. Check out the tutorial here.

    4. Give your nightstand an overnight makeover with marble contact paper.

    It's so cute, we can barely stand it. Learn how to make your own here.

    5. You can also use marble contact paper to upgrade boring legs... / Via

    Perfect for high tables with long legs. Check out a tutorial here.

    6. Or make a cheap bar cart look hella fancy.

    Here is a fun tutorial.

    7. Basically, marble contact paper makes everything look expensive. / Via

    Even these random boxes! Get the tutorial here.

    8. Add a layer of color and protection to any drawers.

    Here is a tutorial that uses clear contact paper and patterened wrapping paper to create a custom piece.

    9. Wrap metallic contact paper around salt and pepper shakers for a ~luxe~ look. / Via

    Check this simple tutorial out here.

    10. You can also cut up pieces of contact paper to make rose gold accents on a dresser. / Via

    Instead of covering the entire dresser, this DIYer just added triangle accents. Here is how you can replicate the look.

    11. Or to personalize a flower pot.

    12. Stick contact paper on your door to create an entirely new experience. / Via

    ~A-door-able.~ You can see more here.

    13. Give a facelift to your file cabinet with some textured contact paper.

    This DIY was inspired by this $600 Pottery Barn version. Create you own for about $10 by clicking here.

    14. Add fun details to any mirror with contact paper cutouts.

    You can ~mirror~ this design by checking out the tutorial here.

    15. Transform industrial shelves with some contact paper and paint.

    Don't put this idea on the shelf; check it out here.

    16. Create custom coasters with a cute pattern. / Via

    Now that you have a new contact paper coffee table, you wont want anyone putting their drinks on it. all you have to do is cut some cork in the shape you want and cover it with your choice of contact paper.

    17. Instantly upgrade appliances with stainless steel contact paper.

    Peel and stick is much easier than demo and reno. Here are some instructions.

    18. Make your own marble fireplace hearth.

    Real marble can set you back hundreds; here's how you can save a *lot* of money making your own.

    19. Revamp a lamp by covering the base with contact paper that matches your aesthetic. / Via

    Did a lightbulb just go off? We thought so. Check out the instructions here.

    20. Shake up your desk by making a custom mouse pad. / Via

    This new desk accessory will totally click with your style. Here is a how-to guide.

    21. Cut contact paper into stripes for nautical wallpaper stripes.

    This is *way* easier than painting stripes and its removable. Learn how you can do it here.

    22. Or use strips of contact paper to reinvent your vanity.

    Here's a little guide for you.

    23. Change up your computer by creating a custom cover.

    You can apply it to a hard case or straight onto your computer. Here's some instruction and inspiration.