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    28 Delightful Free Phone Wallpapers That'll Make You Smile

    You're gonna wish you had 28 phones.

    1. This flirty minimalist message:

    2. This little dude breaking out his *sun*day bests:

    3. This friendly reminder to do whatever you damn well please:

    4. Some soothing watercolor:

    5. This very scientific depiction of the Arctic:

    6. This pretty pep talk that gets to the point:

    7. This adventurous bike:

    8. Some macaroon kitten things:

    9. These cool-toned brush strokes:

    10. This dynamic duo:

    11. Some bright umbrellas to shade you from the haters:

    12. This too-tall giraffe:

    13. Or this other giraffe that misjudged things just a tad:

    14. This role model sloth:

    15. This random assortment of happy things:

    16. Your new significant otter:

    17. This background that will bring all the boys to the yard:

    18. This kitty that channels your inner cat lady:

    19. This pretty little nudge in the right direction:

    20. This golden greeting:

    21. These bashful penguins doing normal penguin things:

    22. These delectable donuts:

    23. Or these slightly more aggressive donuts:

    24. This fancy flamingo:

    25. This bookworm that actually isn't a worm at all:

    26. These vibrant popsicles:

    27. This V true statement:

    28. These penguins that are basically a chronological depiction of your week: