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10 Study Tips From Colorado State's Best Teachers

They were named Colorado State University's best teachers of 2018 for a reason. So we asked for their study advice for finals week.

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3. Really try to learn the material, not just enough for the exam, but for life. / Via

"Everything you learn has value, you may just not know what it is right now. Don’t be satisfied with just knowing enough to get through the exam." -Dr. Dean Hendrickson, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

4. Read and re-read your syllabus. / Via

"That will help reinforce the full context of the course. Additionally, syllabi reflect what the professor deems important and what the professor thinks is important is what he or she will likely probe on an exam. Then, lock up your electronic devices; if you don't they'll produce distractions and interrupt your focus on course subject matter." -Dr. John Straayer, College of Liberal Arts

5. Focus on one task at a time. / Via

"When you are feeling overwhelmed preparing for finals it helps to make an effort to focus on the immediate task at hand instead of thinking about the totality of tasks ahead. If you begin to be consumed by stress over the multitude of upcoming exams it will likely make it harder to study effectively for any of them!  When you begin to feel this way, make a conscious effort to narrow your focus to the immediate next task instead of panicking over the bigger picture." -Dr. Susan Opp, College of Liberal Arts

6. Stand up and stretch. / Via

"Often, we find ourselves slouched over a computer keyboard. Every twenty minutes or so, stand up and move your body to help with blood flow (which should also help your ability to think!)." -Dr. Renée Harmon, School of Global Environmental Sustainability

8. Eat and sleep. / Via

"Self-care during finals week is especially important, so make sure to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night and eat real food as much as you can. You can’t write a solid paper or take that exam running on caffeine and two hours of sleep!" -Dr. Stephanie Malin, College of Liberal Arts

9. Reach out. / Via

"Reach out to a friend or family member when you feel "stuck". Brainstorming and speaking with others can help us remember and recollect our thoughts." -Dr. Renée Harmon, School of Global Environmental Sustainability

10. Don’t compare yourself to others. / Via

"You are wonderfully unique. You can’t be the person next to you and they can’t be you. The world is a better place when we are willing to be ourselves." Dr. Dean Hendrickson, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

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