18 Signs You’re From South Jersey

And no, there’s no fist pumping or fake tanning included.

1. You know why it’s called the Garden State.

Cranberries, blueberries, corn, tomatoes. You’re welcome, America.

2. June through August are the best months of your year. And not because it’s summer.

3. You absolutely resent this show.


4. You love this man.

The Boss.

5. When you leave the state, you’re used to fielding questions about whether you know Snooki.

So do we, girl. So do we.

6. You avoid the road at all costs on Fridays during the summer.


7. You think North Jersey and South Jersey should just be different states.

Ewwww. It’s like a different world up there…

8. This is what you picture when you hear Jersey Shore.


9. You know at least one person who has claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil.

That dude is scary as shit.

10. At an out-of-state gas station.

Just pump it for me please I can’t figure this out. kthanksbye.

11. You can’t stand out-of-state drivers.


12. Tallest fastest roller coaster in the world? Been there, done that.

Didn’t even cry. Well, maybe a little.

13. Diners are like a staple of your restaurant experience.

Why wouldn’t you want breakfast at 10 p.m.?

14. This is a mountain to you.

15. When people ask where you’re from, you sometimes just say Philly.

Saying New Jersey invites a slew of commentary. And if you said the name of the town you’re actually from, no one would know of it anyway.

16. You’ve been here on at least one class trip.

And it. Was. Awesome.

17. You know at least a dozen people who go to Rutgers.

If you don’t yourself.

18. You’re used to people calling it Ew Jersey.

But whatever! More room for us here! SOUTH JERSEY PRIDE!

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